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Bicycle Chain Cleaner Mountain Bike Machine Brushes Scrubber Wash Tool Kit Bicycle Cycling Frame Chain Protector Cover
Easy to use and remove.
Two covers protect your chain from being damaged by hitting the chain stay!
One brush and one dentate cleaning tool clean your bike flywheel and chain quickly and easily.
One chain cleaner helps to clean chains, freewheel cogs and chain rings quickly and easily.
Works with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models.
Rotary clean design, making your bicycle much cleaner.
Great for cleaning the narrow places of the bike chain.

Bike Chain Protector
Quantity: 2pcs
Material: Neoprene
Length: 22cm / 8.7in

Wheel Clean Brush
Color: Black
Material: PVC
Length: 22.2cm / 8.7in
Brush weight: 23g / 0.83oz
Dentate cleaning tool weight: 17g / 0.59oz

Bicycle Chain Cleaner Tool
Color: Blue
Material: ABS plastic
Item weight: 117g / 4.1oz

Package List:
2pcs * Bike Chain Protector
1pcs * Brush
1pcs * Dentate Cleaning Tool
1pcs * Bicycle Chain Cleaner Tool

When finish cleaning, dry the chain and then brush chain oil to avoid it rusts.